Apitherapy, the medicine by bees and its health benefits


Pollen is a notable food that nature has provided a absolutely amazing wealth, it has all the virtues of a real health cocktail. It provides body of multiple nutrients because our modern diet, too refined, is often lacking. Pollen is a highly concentrated food, teeming number of active vital proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Composition of pollen

Depending on its origin, pollen composition is highly variable. So we indicate only the average percentages.
• Protein : About 35% (many essential amino acids)
• Carbohydrates : About 35% (in particular starch and lactose)
• Fat : about 5%
• Water : About 5%
• 20% of various constituents (minerals, trace elements, vitamins ...)

The health benefits of pollen

As we have seen, the rich composition of pollen in active factors is a very good food supplement.
• Pollen acts as a natural tonic, remedying any lack in essential nutrients. It is an exceptional remineralizing strengthening the capacity immune of the organism in its daily struggle against viruses.
• It is a balancing factor of hormonal glands : growth factor, promotes weight gain in underweight subjects by stimulating the appetite, but can also help to remove excess weight.
• Pollen, as adjuvant to other therapies, helps to fight the physical and mental fatigue, and depression. It is suitable for treating natural nervousness and insomnia.
• Its notable cleansing properties explain its action in catarrh, skin diseases and number of chronic diseases.
• With rutin content, it is an excellent remedy against hair loss.
• Finally, the pollen is perhaps one of the best natural anti-aging. It increases longevity.
• The pollen can restore sexual function disturbed.
• Regarding the aging male, it should be noted that operates efficiently in case of prostate hypertrophy.

Pollen as "food supplement" sold on this site is not medicine and should be used as part of an healthy balanced diet. In no way, ESHOP-BIO would not replace your doctor. The information in this site are provided for information purposes and are based on available documentation.
Extract from the booklet "Apithérapie, la Médecine des Abeilles et ses Bienfaits pour votre Santé" LMV Editions