French Royal Jelly

The GPGR - Group of producers of Royal Jelly

The GPGR organization includes professional beekeepers producing royal jelly French.
It's not just the origin of royal jelly which distinguishes it from the majority of products on the market, royal jelly produced by the members respect a charter which ensures a high quality product.

The GPGR quality charter, applied to the bee farms, guarantees :
• A royal jelly produced without artificial feeding during production, respecting the natural diet of the bee (honey and pollen).
• Cold storage immediately after harvest to preserve its qualities. Royal jelly has not been frozen and thawed for sale.
• Friendly production of bee health and the environment, guaranteeing a product with the utmost purity.
• Traceability is ensured with a unique number, identifying the producer.

French Royal JellyThe logo "Gelée royale française" is issued only after inspection that the quality charter is respected and that the utmost care is given to product quality. The quality process of the group is controlled by an independent agency.

The logo is applied directly to the jar containing royal jelly. It comes with a unique number that identifies the manufacturer and can trace all the steps taken from royal jelly to the consumer.

This logo with the number on the jar authenticates the quality and origin of royal jelly.


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